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and Centre for Natural and Holistic Health in Kirkwall

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Chiropractic is a natural healthcare system and we would be happy to help if you are:

  1. Looking for relief from back pain, aches

  2. and strains 

  3. Feeling stressed and need to relax 

  4. Need a helping hand in pregnancy, after birth or with baby

Or support your wellbeing with one of the many natural health therapies at the clinic

The McTimoney Orkney Chiropractic Group have provided Chiropractic treatment for humans and animals on Orkney since 1990. The Centre offers a wide and expanding choice of complementary health treatments in the experienced hands of fully qualified practitioners from Orkney and beyond. 

For visitors to Orkney looking for a restorative holiday with individualised attention to your relaxation and health needs, the calm and friendly environment of the Centre is the ideal place to regain a feeling of serenity and attend to health concerns.

The custom-designed facilities provide easy access for wheelchairs and forecourt  car parking.  There is a bus stop outside the Centre available for Dial-a-Bus.

The Highlands & Orkney McTimoney Chiropractic Group also hold clinics at Keith, Inverness and animal clinics in North Scotland

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Welcome to the Suilven Centre

Open the Door to Natural Health Care for all the Family

Suilven Centre,  East Road,  Kirkwall KW15 1LX

email: contact@suilvencentre-orkney.com   web: www.suilvencentre-orkney.com  phone: 01856 875433

Message from Kay McCarroll and Steve Yang

Hello McTimoney client,

First of all, how are you? I do hope you have been well during this worldwide crisis.It's been 16 weeks since we closed our doors at the clinics, and unfortunately, we have all had to find a new way of living apart from friends, family and neighbours. We do hope you were able to keep in contact with the “new ways” of communicating and were able to support yourselves as well as your extended families.

While this has been going on our Chiropractic Associations have been working tirelessly to find a way for us to return to work safely. 

Regrettably, the “new life” has determined that we will need to make some significant changes. Initially, not everyone will be able to come in for treatment as those still in the “at risk or shielding” groups will have to stay safe for a while longer, unless, if in an emergency, they have specific permission from their GP that they are able to attend a Chiropractic appointment. Below is a summary of the changes, please read the full version here before you attend your appointment:

  1. COVID symptoms

  2. Client Information & Consent Form - download here  BEFORE completing Health Screening form

  3. Download and complete the Health Screening form BEFORE attending your appointment

  4. Please bring both forms to your appointment

  5. Signing your Health Screening and Client Information and Consent forms

  6. PPE for clients and Chiropractors

  7. Appointment timings

  8. Clothing

  9. When you arrive for your appointment

  10. Hand sanitisers and clinic hygiene

  11. Payments

  12. Cancellations

Finally, in this unfortunate and extraordinary time, both of us would just like to say, “take good care of yourself and we look forward to hearing from you”.  We are always here to help.


Kay McCarroll and Steve Yang

McTimoney Chiropractors